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3rd. Generation Carpentry

It was 1950 when our grandfather Anton Tajhmajster finished high school for carpentry and after he was employed in TAM factory, but because of difficult social and economical conditions in country he went to work in Germany to earn money. He worked with one of the best carpentry master at that time. But familly was always first and after few years working abroud he came back to Slovenia and with earned money he bought his first woodworking machines. One of thosose machines is stil in our production as reminder of history and legacy.


Joy to work width wood he transfer to his son Vojko, who is legaly establisher the company Tajhmajster. Officialy he established the company in 1993 and at 1995 he build at that time one of the modernest workshop in reagion. The development and growth of the company needed help in managment and the company joint his son and daughter with her husband and they began with digitalization and process managing in the company, so that now the company is modern production with guidliness from industry 4.0.


The development informatisation and digitalization in last few years was significant in company Tajhmajster. We have tools and knowledge to make any complicated project. For technology we use CAD/CAM IMOS software which is connected with 4 cnc machines which we have in company.


A responsible attitude towards the environment and nature is an important undertaking of our company and business orientation.

We believe that success lies in company’s sustainable development that takes into account the needs of the local environment and society. As a result of our processes, we aim to minimise the impact on the environment. We strive to protect the environment and nature.


Company name: TAJHMAJSTER d.o.o.
Address: Lovrenška cesta 7B, 2325 Kidričevo
Telephone: +386 (0)2 796 52 11
Email: mizarstvo@tajhmajster.si

Registration number: 7192835000
Tax number: SI84251263
CEO: Tomaž Tajhmajster univ.dipl.gosp.inž.
Mob: +386 (0)31 521 450

Transaction account opened at bank NKBM d.d.: SI56 0420 2000 3103 937


Our wish is to make the best products for our customers and for that we need the best employees which will be able to work in the best team.

Worktime: morning from 7.00 – 15.00 from Monday to Friday

Must needed personal skills which are essential to work in our team

– diligence and accuracy

– wish to learn new skills

– teamwork

– joy to work and personal responsibility


Technical knowledge is not necesery, because each new team mebmer get mentor which involve him into working process.

If you want to become part of our team, send email on mizarstvo@tajhmajster.so or call on 00386(2) 796 52 11 and arrange for the meeting.